Traditional feasts and events in the Tuscan Maremma

Seasons and the passing of time are more evident in the countryside than they are in the city. In the Maremma they are marked by unique local traditions and festivities that are often prepared and attended by the local residents and nearby friends, and lived as an opportunity to celebrate and spend time in good.. read more →

Wolves in Maremma

The Tuscan Maremma boasts the presence of excellent dairies in its territory, the main product is its Pecorino cheese. Unfortunately, sheep are also a known prey of the wolf. Wolves have always been present in the Maremma hills, but in antiquity the sheep flocks were accompanied and protected by shepherds and their maremma dogs. Due.. read more →

Tartuchino’s footpaths

When we need a nice walk and don’t feel like taking the car we just go for a stroll around Tartuchino’s fields, our dogs and cats usually come along. Such familiar paths allow us to notice the changing of the seasons, the sunset dresses the hills in colours that recall Missoni’s fabrics and is a.. read more →

History and environment guid

  Would you like to explore the surroundings? Here are the links to contact our amazing tour guides:   Carla Pau Environmental Hiking Guide LINK   Irene Belli, cell. 3470819484, E-mail,   They will show you the Maremma and help you uncover its history, nature and curiosities. read more →

To reach Casetta Tartuchino: Transport

  The Casetta Tartuchino farmhouse is located in the hills of the Maremma countryside: a  car is essential. The closest airports are in Rome and Siena. The closest railway stations are in Grosseto, Orbetello and Moltalto di Castro. The area does not have comfortable public transportation, but if you are up for an adventure, you.. read more →

Pitigliano: Torciata of San Giuseppe

Pitigliano is a very beautiful village, extremely suggestive when first sighted coming from the road that passes through the church of Madonna delle Grazie. There you can admire the town stretched over the tuff rocks and embraced by the elegant arches of the Medici aqueduct. My husband teases me because for me, any excuse is.. read more →

Under the Maremma sun

The land surrounding it has been cultivated for millennia. But until recently life was very tough here, and the area was ravaged by malaria until the 50s when it was completely eradicated. There is a local song about the hardships of the area called “Bitter Maremma”:   Tutti mi dicon Maremma, Maremma… Ma a me.. read more →

Tuscany: Butteri Alta Maremma

The Cowboys of Maremma Maremma has always been land of livestock breeders. Now, most of them are specialized sheep breeders and produce the wonderfully tasting Pecorino cheese. But there are still cow breeders in Maremma and there are still the Butteri – the true Cowboys of Maremma, capable of herding cows on horseback. If you.. read more →