Our history

We first saw the Podere Tartuchino in 1988: we were on vacation. We drove by Tartuchino by chance  and we fell in love with it.

Then we learned that it was for sale and for a whole year we debated whether to buy it, but it was no match: we had been charmed, because we remembered:


“Where I lived was as far off as many a region viewed nightly by astronomers. We are wont to imagine rare and delectable places in some remote and more celestial corner of the system, behind the constellation of Cassiopeia’s Chair, far from noise and disturbance. I discovered that my house actually had its site in such a withdrawn, but forever new and unprofaned, part of the universe”

(Walden, Henry David Thoreau)


We produce organic extra virgin olive oil. We also joined a project for the reproduction of  the Olivone di Fibbianello, which is a centenary olive tree that has come to be a symbol of this area. Some small olive trees, children of the Olivone, are right in front of Casetta Tartuchino.

We also grow ancient varieties of wheat. The gluten in these grains is much more digestible than that in “modern” grains. We do not use pesticides or fertilizer of any kind: everything is based on crop rotation. We use stone mills to make the flour and sourdough to leaven the bread. We love this project and the bread we make is just as delicious as it is healthy.

We like to think that our guests can feel at home, that they can let themselves be enchanted by this area and fall in love with it too, at least a little.