02 Mar 2018

Tuscan Maremma: natural parks and reserves

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The Tuscan Maremma has several parks and nature reserves that, in addition to safeguarding the magnificent nature of the area, allow you to admire it closely. They are open to the public and tour guides are usually available and worthwhile – their knowledge and trained eye will help you discover the area’s secrets. The Maremma spans across very different ecosystems, ranging from the Mediterranean woods in the seaside, through to wetlands, the beech woods on Mount Amiata and Mount Labbro’s rugged and barren slopes.

The parks offer very pleasant walks, but beware they are really only enjoyable if you bring along the right clothing and footwear. Be sure to check the weather, pack water and snacks – and in the summer – sunscreen, a hat and mosquito repellent. I prefer long trousers regardless of the season and always bring a walking stick if I’m going hiking.


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